Are electric blankets bad?

In the USA the electric blanket is an integrated electrical heating apparatus usually positioned above the upper bed sheet. In the UK, electric blanket usually refers to an electric cushion pad, which is positioned below the lowest bed sheet. Electric blankets normally have a regulator unit which regulates the quantity of heat the blanket creates.

Are electric blankets a good option for beds 

Due to the mixture of electricity, heat, the plenty of combustible bedding element, and a sleeping occupier, the usage of electric blankets is of worry to fire protection officials globally. Old or dented blankets are of worry. In the UK, it is projected that 5,000 fires are triggered by defective electric blankets, of which 99% are supposed to have been reasoned by blankets 12 years or older

Electric blankets also deliver a burn danger to those who could not feel pain or are incapable to react to it. Persons included in this set are small kid, diabetics, and the aged.

Do not use an electric blanket if you nap with a pet. Chewing and clawing can harm the wires and reason an accident.

Energy savings only happen with an electric blanket if you switch off the heat at night. Else, you are consuming more current than you use with a usual blanket.

Though there is no decisive evidence either approach, it is likely that the electric field produced by the blanket can be harmful. It creates a sense that the electricity above the body could cause some destructive side effects.


Electric blankets are not advisable for use on baby and small kid’s beds. Blankets function on electrical current could reason electrical Shockwave if the kid or a child might wet the bed or fall fluid on the blanket. Babies cannot inform you if the blanket is too hot on the skin.

People with lowly circulation must not use the electric blanket. Quadriplegics, Paraplegics, and those who are disabled could suffer burns. Diabetics might have a damage of sensation in their muscles, which avoids them from sensation if the blanket is too hot.
People must not use the electric blanket if they do not know how to regulate the controls or know how a heating blanket functions. As per to Sunbeam and Perfect Fit companies, only people who can regulate the heating control and understand how the blanket functions should use their product.

There are worries that raising the body temperature in a long period can raise the risk of miscarriage and of your child having a birth deficiency. Researches on animals advise that overheating, particularly in the initial months of pregnancy, might cause brain and spine deficiencies in their offspring.
If you decide on using an electric blanket, switch it on beforehand bedtime and leave the room whereas it warms the bed. Before you sleep for the night, switch off the blanket and disconnect it in order to remove EMF exposure. Keep the blanket in good condition and constantly follow the maker’s instructions.